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Arepera Guacuco is a Venezuelan restaurant in Bushwick, Brooklyn. “Arepera” means “a place that sells arepas,” and Guacuco is the name of a beach in Venezuela where owner Leonardo Molina was born. ...His mother Carmen is cooking the food at this restaurant, and her arepas are delicious. Arepas are lightly-fried corn patties that are split open and filled with cheese, vegetables or meat. Carmen’s secret is that she makes her arepas super fresh: When she sees a customer walk in the door, she starts making the patties from cornmeal, salt and water. She pats them into shape, fries them on a griddle with a bit of oil, and finishes them in the oven. There’s beer and wine on this menu, but a more memorable drink is the papelón con límon, a traditional Venezuelan limeade spiked with molasses. Arepera Guacuco is at 44 Irving Avenue at Troutman Street in Bushwick.
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always amazing


13 reviews | 768 orders

Excellent! Great amounts for the price. I ordered enough for delivery and it was so good I didn't want it to sit overnight for leftovers so I ate it all!


9 reviews | 195 orders

The cocada coconut milkshake is addicting! Gotta love all 3 sauces they have!

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44 Irving Ave
Brooklyn NY, 11237
(347) 305-3300